Those with food allergies can now ‘play ball.’

For many, food allergies go beyond inconvenience - they may cause death.  Todd Rambasek, MD, a NOMS allergy and immunology specialist is among the very first offering a cure.

He is now treating patients with OIT – oral immunotherapy, a cutting-edge medical treatment that desensitizes patients to their allergen, most often resulting in a lifetime free of food anxiety.  

He is only aware of a few other doctors in the state of Ohio who are offering the treatment.

During treatments, Dr. Rambasek works to retrain the immune system to tolerate foods through regular ingestion of small quantities of the allergen.

OIT has been studied in clinical trials for well over a decade with an over 85 percent success rate. 

According to Dr. Rambasek, there is a low level of allergen an allergic person can safely eat without a reaction.  At such minute levels, it enters the body without triggering the patient’s immune system.  In the simplest of terms, the body changes molecularly and eventually the allergy disappears. 

He raises the quantity very gradually over time while the threshold of tolerance increases and the immune and digestive systems adapt and respond normally.

The first day of treatment starts with a minuscule amount of the allergen – for example 1/100,000th of a peanut.  After each dose, the patient is observed for one- to two-hours to verify there are no signs of allergy while the body digests and metabolizes the peanut particle.  

Regular dosing ensures the patient stays desensitized.  Empirical evidence of the patient’s protection occurs with each successful dose.  

The dose escalation process can take four- to-six months with 15- to-25 appointments, after which people can freely consume the food in the majority of cases, with continued daily dosing.  Which, by way of example, for peanuts would be four- to-eight peanuts daily says Dr. Rambasek. 

And other good news? The treatment is covered by most insurance carriers.

Dr. Rambasek is accepting new patients in Sandusky, Sheffield Village and Middleburg Hts.  His specialties also include: eczema, hives, asthma, and bee, medication and seasonal allergies.  Learn more here:


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Todd Rambasek, MD